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By there were 13 million sheep in New South Wales. Meanwhile explorers such as Charles Sturt and Thomas Mitchell explored the interior of Australia. In a Eureka Stockade Centre opened to commemorate the event. Grazing livestock can then use the land.

One of the leaders of indigenous resistance was Pemulwuy who fought the British from to The secondary schools of Australia offer five to six years of education. About indigenous people stumbled onto a European camp while hunting kangaroo and soldiers fired at them.

The name comes from the Latin phrase ab origine, meaning from the beginning. Also the first free settlers arrived in Most families live in single story houses with their own yard and garden.

Of the 12 men 11 were brought to justice. All adult Aborigines knew they would find water in their territory. In England you could be hanged for more than different offences. Because of the hot climate there were also sugar plantations. The Australian Constitution forbids a state religion and guarantees religious freedom.

Cattle were very important to the northern economy. However things gradually improved. The rest of the expedition would follow. Bathurst and Goulburn followed it in The same year,the flying doctor service began.


The population of Western Australia boomed as a result of the gold rush. Australia The name of Australia comes from the Latin word Australis, which means southern.

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Darwin was founded in Queensland became independent in The number of Indigenous Australians had fallen drastically since the beginning of the century. Most of the others come from mainland Europe, especially Italy, Greece, Germany, and the Netherlands. They were led by an Irishman named Peter Lalor Rivers in Australia are one of its most vital resources.

The two large towns in the region have fewer than 30, people. However this time the gold was exploited by large companies rather than by lone prospectors. However the treaty was not recognised by the British government, which disregarded it.

The town is in the arid region about miles away from Perth and water must be pumped there. On 2 December they erected a stockade at Eureka Lead. Australian Sheep In Merino sheep were brought to Australia.

There was a huge demand for their wool in England.A BRIEF HISTORY OF AUSTRALIA. By Tim Lambert. Dedicated to Frederick Wilde.

At first things were difficult for the colonists and food was short although Phillip sent a ship to South Africa for more provisions which returned in May Food was rationed and the rations were anything but generous. A turning point in Australian history.

Australia is surrounded by water like an island, but geographers classify it as a continent rather than an island because of its great size. Australia covers about 5% of earth's land area. Most of Australia is low and flat, the highest and most mountainous land lies along the east coast.

The commenwealth of Australia is made up of six states--News south Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria, and Wester n Australia--and two territories--the Australian Capital Territory and the Northern Territory.

This essay will firstly give a brief description of Australian immigration history along with earlier policies and the phase of multiculturalism that was dominant for several decades as well as look at government practices and changes in immigration policies before during and after Howard government.

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In NSW and South Australia about three. South Australia's original diversity in religious beliefs was the key factor to South Australia's Label 'Paradise of Dissent'. When South Australia was first settled in the 's, one of the largest factors that attracted immigrants was the absence of /5(13).

The country Australia is the largest in the Australian continent. It has six states. Canberra is the capital of Australia. Christianity is the main religion of Australia. Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and Canberra are the chief cities of this country.

Among these cities Sydney is the largest. Wheat is the most important crop of Australia.

Short history of south australia essay
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