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She seemed to like little traits from each Mexican model but at the end they were not going good enough for the simple fact that they were Mexicans. These four Mexicans are heavily criticized by a woman who works for the government, the secretary.

Welcome, welcome Senorita Jimenez. Miss Jimenez uses very cruel ways to describe every model Honest Sancho presents to her. Honest Sancho presents his four models as hard workers and each model with different unique traits but nothing seems to please the secretary enough to buy one.

This short play is constructed in an exaggerated and humorous tone to make the play more satire and obvious. This play specifies stereotyping toward Mexicans and the negative effects that are far-fetched and that they hurt the victims as well as the oppressors.

Don you speak English? This is one of the points Luis Valdez tries to point out, the author is basically saying that many Mexicans and other cultures in the United States feel dehumanized and feel offended by how they are all viewed as one.

Los Vendidos

This is a problem that society has not addressed or given enough attention to being solved. Honest Sancho shop is in a Mexicans car lot and likens Mexicans to objects, as people to be fetched whenever needed. The ridiculous qualities of the models also help emphasize how unfair it is to stereotype.

The secretary is basically looking for a Mexican for her administration, but she is looking for a Mexican that looks and acts like an American. Luis Valdez The majority of people have experienced the feeling of being named or put into a category that they do not belong.

This is a stereotype that has the perspective of looking at Mexicans as just hard workers, but can be easily manipulated by those with more money or power. The author Valdez portrays Honest Sancho as a usual stereotyped Mexican business man by fooling the secretary at the end of the play.

For this reason, many people set low standards toward Mexicans assuming they are all in the same educational level. Honest Sancho throughout the play mixes from speaking English to Spanish in many occasions.Unlike most editing & proofreading services, we edit for everything: grammar, spelling, punctuation, idea flow, sentence structure, & more.

Get started now! In the short play “Los Vendidos,” Luis Valdez does a great job specifying details with the costumes and gestures the characters use in the play to give us a better understanding of. Apr 26,  · Free Essays from Bartleby | In the heart of downtown Los Angeles nestled within the valley of Chavez Ravine lies Dodger Stadium.

Overlooking green valleys. Beyond an energetic and comical playwright, Luis Valdez' "Los Vendidos" is an accurate reflection of the contemporary American society, focusing on how Mexicans are perceived in this society. Essays - largest database of quality sample essays and research papers on Literary Analysis On Los Vendidos.

Free Essay: Luis Valdez wrote “Los Vendidos” in order to address his view of the Mexican culture and in reference to the prejudices that surrounded him. The.

Los vendidos essays
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