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But Morocco, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Iran also sent considerable numbers of Muslim migrants to Europe between mid and mid — more than 1 million combined — and the vast majority of Muslims from these countries came to Europe as regular migrants and not as refugees.

Why not publicize that if people decide to move to a country, they must respect the citizens and laws of that country? Islameurope pd9 2 now until midcentury, some countries in Europe could see their Muslim populations rise significantly in the medium and high scenarios.

Combining Muslim refugees and Muslim regular migrants, Germany was the destination for more Muslim migrants overall than the UKvs. Tens of thousands of applications for asylum in Islameurope pd9 2 have been withdrawn since After a nine-month trial and massive evidence against him, the man was acquitted.

In the name of human rights, inclusion, diversity and equality, "enlightened" activists and judicial authorities are apologizing for and excusing Muslim criminals for behavior that would not be tolerated from anyone else -- and that should not be tolerated.

From mid to mid alone, the share of Muslims in Europe rose more than 1 percentage point, from 3. This is one reason the German Muslim population — both in total number and as a share of the overall population — is not projected to keep pace with the British and French Muslim populations, except in the high scenario which includes large future refugee flows.

These figures do not include an additionalMuslim asylum seekers andnon-Muslim asylum seekers who arrived between mid and mid but are not projected to receive legal status in Europe.

In Europe overall, even if all Muslim migration into Europe were to immediately and permanently stop — a zero migration scenario — the overall Muslim population of Europe would be expected to rise by 2.

But due to the combination of still-unresolved applications and lack of comprehensive data on recent decisions when this analysis took place, rejection patterns for the to mid period are estimated based on to rates of rejection for each origin and destination country pair for details, see Methodology.

Europe: Muslim Atrocities against Women? So What!

To try to stem the tide, Italy has worked with the Libyan coast guard to develop techniques to stop boats carrying the migrants, among other policies and tactics. Worse, nearly a third of those are classified by authorities as "suspicious murders," perpetrated by "unknown assailants.

In total number, roughly 3. Some of the Muslims enumerated in this report would not describe Muslim identity as salient in their daily lives. That is not wise public policy or even justice.

What will a society be like to live in if the courts will be on the side of the rapists and they will not be held accountable? Again, in both cases, nearly all of the migrants from these countries were refugees from conflict, and overwhelming majorities from both places were Muslims.

It uses the best available data combined with estimation and projection methods developed in prior Pew Research Center demographic studies.

Europe’s Growing Muslim Population

In some countries, including Bulgaria and Greece, there is little difference in fertility rates between Muslims and non-Muslims. Getty Images Recently, a judge in Germany acquitted a Turkish drug dealer of raping one of his customers last August.

But it would rise far more dramatically, to Some also could try to stay in Europe illegally. If past levels of regular migration continue in the future — but with no more asylum seekers — the Muslim population in Europe would increase to nearly 58 million by midcentury the medium scenario.

Sweden, which also has accepted a relatively high number of refugees, would experience even greater effects if the migration levels from to mid were to continue indefinitely: Predicting future migration levels is impossible, because migration rates are connected not only to political and economic conditions outside of Europe, but also to the changing economic situation and government policies within Europe.

For instance, Germany has been the primary destination country for asylum seekers from the Middle East, receivingapplications from Iraqis and Syrians between mid and midIslam in European Thought ALBERT HOURANI THE TANNER LECTURES ON HUMAN VALUE Delivered at Clare Hall, Cambridge University.

Aug 02,  · In Europe overall, even if all Muslim migration into Europe were to immediately and permanently stop – a zero migration scenario – the overall Muslim population of Europe would be expected to rise by percentage points, from the current level of % to % by Natural growth was the secondary driver: Among European Muslims, there were million more births than deaths during this period.

Religious switching is estimated to be a small factor in Muslim population change, with roughlymore people switching away from Islam than converting into the faith during this period. This is channel for islamic education and Quran recitations.

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5 facts about the Muslim population in Europe

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Islameurope pd9 2
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