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Additionally, Tesco could seek to create a 24 hour availability of their services and products, which makes them more easily avaliable. Efficiency is the comparison of what is actually produced with what can be achieved with the same consumption of resources such as; time, money etc.

They also offer deals and promotions to existing customers to increase repeat purchases. Encryption is when data is changed into a hidden format which makes data unrecognisable unless the person accessing it has a data key.

This is beneficial for Tesco because they will gain more sales as this is an easier and more accessible option Guide unit 5 p5 p6 m2 shop from peoples mobile phones or tablets.

Tesco offer customers the chance to email them or give feedback about any problems or concerns they have which means Tesco have the chance to reply instantly which will improve customer service.

Feedback includes things such as opinions, concerns, praises, reviews, questions etc. They will do this is by using social media to target different target audiences from different types of people who use different social medias for various purposes.

It differs for different countries which is something that customers will like. As well as this, the information and data is analysed to make sure it makes sense. There could be a search button where you type in the product you want and it shades the area in which the product is located on the store plan.

This is mass production, it is effective because Tesco get all the stock at one time rather than getting different products in dribs and drabs. Customers are given a chance to c rate an account on Tesco in order to store all their information for the future which entices customers because it makes it easier for the next time.

Tesco use direct marketing, letters, leaflets and emails to create and build good relationships with their customers as well as to update their customers on new products or services that Tesco are offering.

This opportunity is important for Tesco because it can increase the amount of customers who will lead to an increase in profit and sales for Tesco. This improves the customer service last end delivery will be quicker and the customers will have positive feedback and hopefully repeat purchase.

Also, this is useful for repeat customers because they will be able to know for future where everything is in the store, this is especially good for customers who do big food shops at Tesco as it saves them a lot of time.

One way they could improve the delivery option is by having customers to enter their card payment details once and it automatically stores the details and saves it securely into a database where it registers back in every time the same customer go to purchase something.

Also, Tesco should make sure they have quick delivery to entice repeat customers because customers love quick delivery service. Another benefit for Tesco by using social media sites is that customers can leave reviews, complaints and feedbacks on their page for the business to see and this can help them to improve their business.

In conclusion, Internet marketing offers Tesco many different opportunities including deals and promotions through emails and the post. This is all put into a database which is used to filter them and send appropriate emails, letters, leaflets to the appropriate and specific people.

This could be a challenge for Tesco because reducing the amount of emails they send, could decrease their sales because less customers would be aware of the sales, promotions and updates of products.

This is a benefit because Tesco will be able to use social media to interact with their customers and other businesses to see what their competitors are like. I will be explaining the various changes that have been made to Tesco and whether they were successful or not. Products such as clothes or jewellery can be modelled online to show people wearing them to entice customers which is a benefit for Tesco because people like to see the product on and what it actually looks like on before they buy a product.

This means that Tesco are saving money because it takes a few seconds to communicate through electronic devices which saves time and money for Tesco. It scans the product and then checks the sizes that are available in store.

This is because these products are expensive therefore they need to make profit on them still. Delivery is usually the main time consuming part of shopping online which is why Tesco should find a new method to stand out from their competitors which will make customers that shop from their competitors shift to Tesco.

It will automatically top up the stock from the factory which means customers will consistently be able to buy products. Efficiency has increased by using internet marketing because, Tesco can email or post updates, information, deals etc to their customers which are filtered to pick the appropriate customers.

Seeing as the supermarket industry is extremely competitive, keeping up with trends and the current market is important which is why Tesco could introduce an app which is available on IPhones, IPads, Samsung etc. Tesco could decide to reduce their prices for fruit, making them better value for money compared to their competitors.

Also they need less staff for the overall business as more online transactions have come about. Tesco will need to decide which information is useful which is done through data systems and market segmentation. To overcome this problem, Tesco could send less frequent emails and maybe have a routine or set days they get sent e.

Managing overload of market feedback One challenge that Tesco face from being global, is that their website can have information fatigue. This is due to multiple factors which I will be explaining. The products that people order will go straight to the customer and no retailer is involved in the process now as it is unnecessary.

Security and payment methods This is a huge problem for some customers, as they are unaware of whether it is safe to give their bank details out online. This saves a lot of time and is very efficient and safe.Unit 1 P5 M2 Essay.

Words Nov 24th, 15 Pages. Show More. Business cycle Unit 1 P5,P6,M3,D2 Essay. Unit 1 P5, P6, M3, D2 I am on placement in an eye hospital and I carried out one to one communication with a patient, it was whiteness by my placement supervisor.

I used argyles communication theory to help me to successfully. Essay about answers for p5 Unit 3 Assignment 3 P5 P6 M3 D2 Words | 5 Pages. Unit 2 P5,M2,M3,D1,D1 Words | 14 Pages More about Unit P5 and M3. p5- m3 unit 9 design a promotional campagin for a given product service Words | 15 Pages; Unit 23, Task 3, P5 M3 D2.

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Public Services Unit 3 Citizenship, Diversity and the Public Services Assignment: Diversity and Equality of Services Date of Issue: Assignment Deadline:. Guide Unit 5 P5 P6 M2 D2 Essay  P5 The public services have multiple ways of showing how they go about promoting a diverse work force within the military, health service and police force.

The first that I would like to pin point is that they have a way of approaching the black minority’s ethnic alongside the LGBT communities, religion or.

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