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A Critical Look at the State of the Theory. The essence Convergence thesis sociology the theory is that fertility and mortality rates covary over time in a predictable and highly uniform manner.

And Parsonswhose name is virtually synonymous with structural functionalism, concluded one of his later writings on comparative sociology with the statement that "any linear theory of societal evolution" is "untenable" p. Proponents of this view believe that in a number of respects industrialized countries will become more alike.

In a study of countries between andSachs and Andrew Warner concluded that the industrialized countries had a growth of 2. States, and 3 labor law might not explain U.

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Because such societies will gradually come to share the same outlooks and interests it is argued that the possibilities of war diminish. Finally, interest in convergence has also been given a boost by various political developments in the s.

Modern industrial systems of production, it is argued, create a highly complicated division of labour, incorporating wide-ranging skills and competencies. More Convergence Theory - Definition in Sociology One way of looking at the issue is to contrast recent developments with what might be called the "convergence thesis" on social security.

In the second stage, death rates drop as a result of improvements in living conditions and medical care while fertility rates remain high, and population levels increase rapidly.

This one is the most significant. It remains the task of history to test the accuracy of this argument.

Convergence (economics)

University of California Press. The convergence within the approach to Steepest Descent. Counterposed against these factors are various sources of uniformity, such as technological change, exposure to the industrial world, and a worldwide trend toward increased access to education leading to an attenuation of social and economic inequality.

Counterposed against these factors are various sources of uniformity, such as technological change, exposure to the industrial world, and a worldwide trend toward increased access to education leading to an attenuation of social and economic inequality.

These comments echo earlier sentiments expressed by Weinberg and Baum about how to salvage the useful elements of standard convergence theory while avoiding the pitfalls of a simplistic functionalist-evolutionary approach.

Coughlin " Social Control and Social Security: Therefore, countries with land that is suitable for sugar converge with other countries that also have land that is suitable for growing sugar. Related to this idea is the notion of a relatively fixed pattern of development through which developing nations must pass as they modernize Rostow The core notion of convergence theory is that as nations achieve similar levels of economic development they will become more alike in terms of these and other aspects of social life.

Convergence Theory

When we are exploring and making decisions, we use two generic processes: A study published in by Inkeles and Rossi, based on data from six industrialized societies, concluded that the prestige hierarchy of occupations was "relatively invariable" and tended to support the hypothesis that modern industrial systems are "highly coherent.

HewittCastles, and Korpito cite a few leading examples, argue that variations across nations in the strength and reformist character of labor unions and social democratic parties account for large differences in the levels of spending for and Convergence thesis sociology impact of welfare-state programs.

Some people prefer diverging, as it means the potential of a wrong decision is never reached. Although the authors did not specifically mention convergence, their conclusions were fully consistent with the idea of emergent similarities. In Peter Flora and Arnold J.

Structural-functionalist theorists, such as Parsons and Daviswhile not actually employing the terminology of convergence theory, paved the way for its development and use in modernization studies through their efforts to develop a systematic statement of the functional prerequisites and structural imperatives of modern industrial society; these include an occupational structure based on achievement rather than ascription, and the common application of universalistic rather than particularistic evaluative criteria.

A sequence of divergence and convergence helps a lot. More and more more, civilized world would become increasingly more more alike in their social and economic structures. Japan has been regarded as an exceptional case among industrialized nations because of its strong cultural traditions based on mutual obligation between employers and employees.

Further, the level of divergence is increasing" p.Sociology: Understanding and Changing the Social World, Comprehensive Edition, v.

by Steven E. Barkan. Describe the central views of convergence theory. Explain how emergent norm theory takes a middle ground between. CONVERGENCE THEORIES. The idea that societies move toward a condition of similarity—that they converge in one or more respects—is a common feature of various theories of social change.

Thesis Statements. This tip sheet is adapted from Chapter 5 of. Writing for Sociology (2. nd. edition) A thesis statement is a sentence or. An early statement of the class convergence thesis was made by Lipset and Zetterberg (), to the effect that observed rates of mobility between social classes tend to be similar from one industrial society to another.

Convergence Theory: The convergence theory, in history and sociology, states that all industrial systems, whether capitalist or communist, would converge in their social, political and economic systems because of the determinant effects of.

convergence thesis See INDUSTRIAL SOCIETY. Source for information on convergence thesis: A Dictionary of Sociology dictionary. Skip to main content Search. Research categories. Research categories "convergence thesis." A Dictionary of Sociology. Retrieved September

Convergence thesis sociology
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