Commercial cooking nc ii

The challenging parts of the program are the practicums and simulations where students will perform certain procedures in the kitchen, and will Commercial cooking nc ii observed and graded by their instructor based on their performance. The topics covered in this program are basic concepts in Hotel and Restaurant Management so the lessons are generally easy to understand.

It takes time to really master our cooking skills but the time allotted is definite and just for us to cope with what we lack. Modular Instruction is a type of teaching method that follows a specific set of planned learning activities and exercises.

Everyone loves to cook. Students are allowed to proceed with their own learning pace self-pacing. Graduate trainees have the option whether to undergo the process or not.

Commercial Cooking NC II in the Philippines

Instructors provide timely feedbacks allowing students to improve their skills. Culinary skills — during the course of this program, you will have a lot of discussions and practicums on food preparation which includes cooking of all kinds therefore you must atleast Commercial cooking nc ii the interest in cooking or baking to survive this course.

Requirements As a trainee, of course, you need to submit some basic and fixed requirements. The assigned authority will evaluate the student periodically and submit an evaluation form to the assigned TVET trainer.


Therefore, in this course, we offer trainings on how to cook, prepare and serve food that are listed in the menu with proper portioning or weighing meat cuts, food presentation procedure, receiving kitchen supply, food recipe preparation and most importantly good customer service techniques and process.

Aside from culinary skills, foreign countries prefer to hire Filipino chefs and cooks because of their English language proficiency which makes communication easier see sources 12.

Career Opportunities for Commercial Cooking NC II graduates Kitchen Helper — cleans and sanitizes kitchen equipment; assists in basic food preparation; receives and stores products in kitchens.

Cook — prepare, season, and cook a wide range of foods. Hence, an active institution, TESDA, is here to help us fill the gaps of our incompleteness when it comes to preparing food and beverages in commercial settings such as restaurant, hotel, or bar.

Executive Chef — in charge of menu creation, plating design and layout, recipe production, and management of kitchen staff. Can communicate both in oral and written Physically and mentally fit Can perform basic mathematical computation Schools and training centers offering the program may include additional requirements.

Endurance — the ability to withstand tiresome work such as serving customers, standing up and walking from one area to another and being in the kitchen where the environment may be uncomfortable Basic oral and written English skills — during the on the job training OJTstudents are assigned in different establishments such as hotels, resorts, restaurants and a lot more where the use of English is important both to entertain customers and for job related tasks.

Commercial Cooking NC II TESDA Short Course

It became part of their everyday lives with variety of purposes; for self-discovery, for self-benefits, for catering, and for experimentations. Lessons in this program are taught to students through lectures and demonstrations, self-paced instruction and group discussion.

However, a TESDA certification will give a graduate an advantage since local and foreign companies who hire skilled workers require this credential.

Commercial Cooking NC IV in the Philippines

Certification Upon finishing this course, you will be required to take a Competency Assessment before graduation to ensure the issuance of the National Certificate NC II.

These activities are contained in a short booklet called a module. Aside from this, there are no other difficult requirements. Surely, there are more purposes, a person has, aside from the things mentioned but did you ever think that you already know everything or at least a lot about cooking?

The assessment process aims to determine whether the graduate will be able to perform according to workplace standards based on a defined competency standard. Questions and inquiries will be entertained if you visit the this site, or o directly to the nearest TESDA institution in your area.

This may include soups, salads, entrees, and desserts. The Assessment and Certification process is not required among graduates of vocational courses.Commercial Cooking NC IV is a short TESDA course in the Philippines that will train you in managing a small restaurant or cooking business as well as preparing foods that meet specific dietary and cultural requirements.

Learning all this under the Commercial Cooking NC II will probably take hours to accomplish. It takes time to really master our cooking skills but the time allotted is definite and just for us to cope with what we lack.

training regulations.

Tesda Short Course Commercial Cooking NC III

commercial cooking nc ii tourism sector (hotel and restaurant) tr - commercial cooking nc ii promulgated march technical education and skills development authority5/5(1).

Commercial Cooking NC II is a short TESDA course in the Philippines that will train you in preparing food and beverages in a commercial setting such as a hotel or a restaurant.

TESDA Commercial Cooking NC II Course

Some examples of core competencies that you may acquire from enrolling in. CBC Commercial Cooking NC II - Free download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free.5/5(4). Commercial Cooking NC II is one of courses offered by the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority.

This training program will guide you several techniques or way to prepare beverages/ drinks in a commercial settings like restaurant, bar and hotel.

Commercial cooking nc ii
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