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This further reveals that through the participation in sports athletes gain social management skills, which later become beneficial in their life. The second effect has to do with your personal life. By exercising on a regular basis your body will be healthier, which means fewer diseases and fewer injuries.

They gain weight and lose the muscle the worked hard to get. Some athletes take a break when they finish their sport or career, and these people regret it the effect of not staying in shape. That is why track runners are leaner than the disc throwers, and the baseball players are thinner than the bowlers.

Cause and effect of being a student athlete

As an athlete you will develop a strong character and a competitive spirit. Yes, sports will get very deep into your life. There are many effects that show after you get involved in a sport, your physical, personal, social outlook.

In order to forget about these obstacles one must be willing to work for that extra hour or two every day after both school and athletics. The first major effect of participating in a sport is that you will develop physical abilities.

You will meet a lot of people in the business, form beginners to professionals; however, only a small group of individuals will become your friends to the point of turning into your second family. Being a student athlete can be very time consuming and the only way to stay on top of their game is working ahead of schedule.

There are many different results that occur from being a student athlete such as the character traits, and the passion that are picked up along the road to success. This is especially because athletes dedicated more of their time in the domain of extra-curricular activities that their compared to their peers, which has a positive impact on their interaction levels and formation of more social cycles.

Therefore, this leads to negative characterization and stereotyping of this group of athletes from their peers since they tend to develop an inferiority complex that affects individual judgment or outlook. Athletes usually seem to be the type of people that get along well with others in most situations.

Being an athlete cause and effect - Paper Example Being an athlete cause and effect Participating in a sport is much more than the act of pushing your body through torture and using your talents to reach your goal - Being an athlete cause and effect introduction.

In order to be a student athlete one must not be afraid to multitask and even procrastinate a little bit. This is fundamentally because analysis of participants in the field of sports has traditionally relied upon the interpretation of the inherent capabilities displayed by athletes on account of the national, cultural, and social backgrounds.

Practicing a sport is much more than the sole act of pushing your body through exhaustion or using your skills to reach your goal. In addition you will have the chance to experience the amazing feeling of beating all your opponents down from the quarterfinals or crossing the finish line ahead of everyone else.

The purpose of this paper is to discuss those effects. This further brings out the fact thaat athletes get the chance of participating in numerous institutional settings, which has a positive element as it enables interact with people from different cultures.

Not everyone is as blessed as we maybe.The effect of being a student-athlete shapes your body, your life, and your mind in good ways. Practicing a sport, going to classes, doing homework and trying to balance a social life keeps you entertained and far away from boredom. Nov 18,  · Channing Peters English Cause or Effect Essay Effects of the Holocaust When many people look back at World War II, the first thing that comes to most.

Effect of being an Athlete essay

Being A student Athlete essays The dedication required to balancing school work and practice is the most difficult part of being a student athlete. I find that student athlete proves to be harder than most people think it is.

Everyone thinks that it is just an easy ride when you are an athlete at. Being an athlete cause and effect Participating in a sport is much more than the act of pushing your body through torture and using your talents to reach your goal - Being an athlete cause and effect introduction.

Being a student athlete causes more stress than mostly any other reasoning for a student in college to have stress. When an athlete has a big game coming up and a big project due the day after, that will cause some stress.

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The Effects Of Being a Athlete

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