Apache rewrite add header and footer

For set, append, merge and add a value is specified as the next argument. Values are compared in a case sensitive manner, and after all format specifiers have been processed. This happens because the default matching is equality and the default value the empty string. There are two methods for enabling this plugin, based on whether you wish it to operate globally on every request that passes through your proxy, or only on some subset of the requests by enabling it only for specific mapping rules.

Going to test other way to make this change: Stranger QA methods exist. And please re-open if I am missing something: Comment 4 Rainer Canavan Values in double quotes are considered different from otherwise identical unquoted values.

If there are multiple headers of the same name, all will be removed.

The default is to do a Country lookup, but the following qualifiers are supported: There are currently four types supported: For example when an application behind a reverse proxy returns a redirect response, the HTTP Location header in the response may not represent the internet-facing address, but rather an internal application address.

Not sure if it makes any sense, but I am running out of ideas: Since these are IDs, they are mostly useful as a value operand to other operators. Prerequisites This walkthrough requires the following prerequisites: Comment 22 Luca Toscano This action will replace the value of the HTTP Location header with a string constructed by using the host name from the server variable, the condition back-reference that contains the URL path folder prefix and the rule back-reference that contains the current URL path in the Location header.

For this walkthrough you will need to add a redirection logic to the webmail application. Comment 11 Luca Toscano Is there any practical harm in your scenario?

The complete page will look as below: Comment 15 Yann Ylavic ASF Bugzilla – Bug RewriteCond can add "Host" to the Vary-Header Last modified: UTC. I have to modify the response headers delivered via a proxy rewrite directive I set up in an apache http server.

Combining a proxy rewrite in apache http server with header manipulation. Ask Question. up vote-1 down vote favorite.

Modifying HTTP Response Headers

I have to modify the response headers delivered via a proxy rewrite directive I set up in an apache http server.

How to rewrite Content-Type header for audio request. Ask Question.

Apache Module mod_headers

up vote 0 down vote favorite. how can I rewrite Content-type header for mp3 requests from "audio/mpeg" to "audio/mp3"? I've tried: RewriteRule ^.*)+\.mp3$ - [L,T=audio/mp3] Add custom headers to IMG, VIDEO and AUDIO requests. How to rewrite and set headers at the same time in Apache.

Ask Question. I've tried changing the order of the rewrite and header sections to no avail. I think it loses the header when the request is rewritten to the other directory.

add a comment | 3 Answers active oldest votes. up vote 2 down vote accepted. Simple php solution. Header Rewrite Plugin¶. This plugin allows you to modify arbitrary headers based on defined rules, for both requests and responses.

I have an apache server behind a (simple amazon) load balancer. I want to redirect any incoming traffic that is not to Can Apache conditionally perform a rewrite from a custom http header? Ask Question. up vote 11 down vote favorite. 1.

So I'm trying to detect that if the HTTP_X_FORWARDED_PORT header is not

Apache rewrite add header and footer
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