An essay on suicide bombing

The victorious reputation of suicide terrorism as the ultimate strategic weapon of the poor and the deprived may contribute to its further dispersal around the world in coming years, and more groups and networks may adopt it into their own arsenal. These unanticipated costs may continue to generate hostility among those harmed, humiliated, or left behind by the new world order.

They will be heroes, they will help the cause of their group, and they will be awarded in the afterlife. However, terrorism is not a simple phenomenon with easy explanations. The second intifada, also known as the Al-Aqsa intifada, begins.

Suicide Bombers

Contextualizing Terrorism," in The Psychology of Terrorism: Research findings indicate that most suicide bombers have had at least one of their loved ones killed or severely harmed at the hands of their enemies.

Terrorist groups often choose this tactic because it is available and inexpensive, and the damage caused to the morale of the rival population is grave. In other cases, individuals become angry about the frustrations and insults An essay on suicide bombing by their ethnic, cultural, or religious group, though they do not experience this insult at a personal level.

According to Jessica Sternterrorists are often individuals who feel deeply humiliated and confused about their future path, or are frustrated about the political climate in which they live. Many believe that it has also contributed to the uprooting of traditional values and customs.

Six months after an attack on the U.

suicide bombers

Socialization Other theorists stress the idea that becoming a terrorist or suicide bomber is largely a matter of socialization. In one notable example, widely reported in the Israeli press, the first female Hamas suicide bomber — a young mother of two — was allegedly having an extramarital affair; killing herself and several Israelis was said to be the only way she could redeem her name.

In some cases, those personally frustrated by their life circumstances may become angry with those they view as the source of their problems. This makes sense of the fact that many terrorists are middle-class individuals who have fairly wide options and some degree of educational background.

Those who maintain that suicide attacks are motivated by religious ideology suggest that the bombers believe that God has sent them on a mission. Many terrorist organizations also offer economic incentives to persuade individuals that it is rational to sacrifice their lives for the good of the cause.

Praeger Publishers,5. Research shows no indication that terrorists are crazy or psychopathic or that they lack moral feelings. Courtesy of Channel 4 U. Islamic fundamentalist organizations such as Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, al Qaeda, and Hizbollah invoke God and interpret the Koran in a way that fits their political and operational needs.

It may seem easier just to assume that the people involved are "evildoers" or "callous fanatics delighting in the carnage they have created.

Aftermany terror groups adapted the concept, giving bombers explosives to carry on their bodies. Most of these groups also use nationalism in their jargon, usually invoking the redemption of a holy land belonging to the larger Muslim nation from the hands of aggressors.

Suicide attacks began in Lebanon in some saywhen a sole suicide attack hit the Iraqi embassy in Beirutat the instigation of Hizbollah, a Lebanese Shiite terror organization. It is not that they are bloodthirsty or that they enjoy killing civilians, but rather that they believe these missions are the only way to fight for their cause.

Much like the unprecedented September 11 attacks, an event of this kind could have global implications.The meaning and nature of suicide in a suicide bombing are strikingly different from ordinary suicide. Suicide bombing falls into the category of altruistic suicidal actions that involve valuing one’s life as less worthy than that of the group’s honor, religion, or some other collective interest.

Suicide bombing as defined is any violent, politically motivated attacks, carried out in deliberate state of awareness of a person.

(Bloom, ) Terrorist organizations overwhelmingly claim that violence is a tool of last resort and a sign of desperation. Several news papers reports and information from news channels suggested that the phenomenon of suicide bombing is new in Pakistan.

November 6, marked the occasion when a lady blow herself in front of news paper office in Karachi, injuring 6 people. According to this line of thinking, suicide bombing is a matter of fighting back against unjust political or economic policies, authoritarian governments, and structural violence.

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Suicide Bombing

ESSAYS, term and research papers available for UNLIMITED access While suicide is associated with hopelessness and depression, the actions of the bombers are seen as a matter of heroism and honor.

An essay on suicide bombing
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