An analysis of the heroic deeds of dartagnan in the three musketeers a novel by alexandre dumas

However, no one wants to get rid of him as he has carefully manipulated the situation to ensure his would-be usurpers hate each other more than they do him.

Then again, it happens sometimes, and then you have people Rooting for the Empire. The Hunchback of Notre Dame: Kinda inevitable when you kill a sweet little girl in front of her daddy.

The Lady of the Green Kirtle: This serves a pragmatic reason for writers in terms of keeping things morally justified for our heroes. Akito does have the support of the older maids, who believe that the head of the family deserves their devotion. Little Toot from his self-titled segment gets this treatment when he inadvertently causes an ocean liner to crash into a city and is banished beyond the mile limit.

This, along with being stuck in a dead-end job, causes Hades to come up with a plan to overthrow Zeus so he can become king of the gods.

And they will kill him as soon as he outlives his usefulness. Yet no one even tries to overthrow the guy until Simba returns from exile to take him down. The causes of this fall from grace are put down to her increasing ineptitude, incompetence and over-reliance on a Rasputin stand-in, as well as the obvious The Chronicles of Narnia: The World Nobles, also known as the Celestial Dragons, and rightfully so.

Kid, when he plays SimCity. And when they do, life probably seems pretty good, what with being master of all they survey. Goku Black is this even more, as everyone hates him, and because Black despises mortals, the feeling is very much mutual for him. Plus, the ways he uses dirty and underhanded tricks to cheat in the Mortal Kombat tournament has attracted the ire of many.

The UED sums it up pretty nicely about the Dominion: It says a lot that the only person that he has any kinship with is his Alternate SelfFuture Zamasu. During the battle, he lost his weapon and commanded his Praetorians to give him one. Wiskey the only scientist who is left alive after Black Skull kills the rest clearly has misgivings about the whole "destroy the world" agenda, only joining in the first place to cure his ill son and apparently only hanging around out of fear.

Gajusz, vampire king in Dora Wilk Series is disliked by everybody in his coven, although his popularity boosts a bit when Albin threatens to take over. With Frank, this trope depends on your perspective. Which he then does.

This is why he kills him later. Albin, on the other hand, finds out he has no approval in Conclave vampire government, which he presides over the hard way. When Dragon smashes through the window and swallows him whole at his wedding, everyone in attendance actually starts laughing and cheering.

Literature Played with in a few of the Discworld novels. This is definitely not the case in the original comic; one of the most nefarious things about the Norsefire Coalition, as Moore depicted them, was that they were Villains With Good Publicity who actually had valid accomplishments to brag about e.

Pein even trained a special corps of ninjas to take out Madara if he betrayed Pein, or just if Pein gave the order. Except for the poor guys who work for him directly. His tendency towards organising random slaughters of people and using demons as a part of his army may have something to do with that.

Likewise the Munchkins about the Wicked Witch of the East. In Pixelsthe US President starts the film with pretty much nobody fond of him and his ratings plummeting every day. The Caligula often possesses this sort of approval rating. Almost everyone who has ever met and spoken with Madara Uchiha completely despises him, including his protege Tobi aka Obito Uchiha.

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Ragnarok is despised by all Asgardians, having being locked up by her own father because of her Blood Knight tendencies. Not only did it hasten the defection of those who were already considering it but a whole swath of otherwise neutral systems joined up because of it.

The only other character that seems to care for her in the slightest is her father, who was outraged when he heard about how Hiccup snapped and nearly strangled her.The reason varies. Sometimes, it's their little hobby of periodically going out and raining terror, destruction, and death upon the quivering populace to remind everyone who's boss.

Sometimes, it's the high taxes (or tribute, if you're particularly old-fashioned) they demand to keep themselves.

An analysis of the heroic deeds of dartagnan in the three musketeers a novel by alexandre dumas
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